The road to a cure!

Staying active and eating healthy is such a HUGE part of living with lupus19441669_853286801493407_8458015669629583593_o

Staying active is such an important part of dealing lupus. Sometimes my joints in my hands are so tight that I can’t do things like turn a door knob or hold a cup of coffee. On really bad days there are times I can’t even walk. There is something so devastating about not being able to do things for yourself, needing to ask for help. Especially at the age of 23, I’ve had a really hard time dealing with this. But I am coming to realize that this is nothing to be ashamed of! Like so many other upsetting parts of living with lupus, its just not something I can control. It’s a daily struggle and one thing that helps prevent these problems is being active. Whether that is walking on the treadmill, lifting weights, swimming, going on a hike… On the flip side of that, there are days I physically cannot get out of bed from extreme fatigue.  On those days, maybe I can’t get to the gym or even get out of the house. What I have come to realize is THAT IS OKAY. I just do my very best everyday, weather that is upping my reps at the gym or cat napping all day in bed! The most important thing is to listen to my body.

All my love, your favorite spoonie

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