Totally wigging out

Back in November I started to really lose my hair. What I had left was so thin and I was actually balding on top. My part had become so apparent of hair loss that I began to use products like this to cover it up

One day I woke up and decided that at the age of 22, I was sick of hiding behind it anymore and my sweet, wonderful boyfriend Nathaniel convinced me that it was okay to just shave it all off. IN FACT he was the one to shave it for me!! Buzz buzz~



That night you could literally feel the radiating positivity ❤

My hair has been really struggling to grow back because I have unfortunately been so sick. However, I am starting to see signs of new hair growth and actually waking up with bed head!!! My alopecia is looking to hopefully triggered by stress and not permanent. In the meantime, I have picked up a new obsession – WIGS!! They are so fun and honestly such a confidence boost. I never felt embarrassed about my baldness, not even when ugly people made ugly comments about it. But man-o-man something in you just lights up when you find the right wig! I’ve never had so much fun! And not to mention, always incognito 😉

I now own 4 synthetic wigs, and yes, they all are just chock full of personality!

This girl was my very first wig. One of my very best friends convinced me it would be so fun to be whoever I wanted to be, and MAN was she right!!

Since then, I have purchased three more beautiful heads of hair

Never let other people define you. I am whoever I want to be.

Always ❤


All my love, your favorite spoonie

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