Date night

Hello from the windy city! Still here in Chicago with Nathaniel and his brother Matthew. And let me just say, this trip is everything I needed and more! Waking up every morning in the arms of the man I love … I could do this for the rest of eternity. It doesn’t matter if we’re 100 miles from civilization, out in the woods or in a motel room right outside of the city. As long as I’m with him, everything just seems right. Two nights ago Nathaniel and I had a date night, but to me it was more than just that. Holding his hand and walking through the city zoo in the heart of Chicago, drinking beer out of brown paper bags, not having a plan and just finding local bars along the way, drinking, dancing, taking shots with a bridal party! Every moment is full of laughter and excitement. We strolled though the city in the most fabulous attire. Actually, we made a special trip to our favorite local boutique, Goodwill, and picked out date night outfits for one another. Spending a grand total of $20 we were ready to hit the town.

The outfits were truly picked out more on the joking side, but honestly don’t know if I’ve ever felt like such a princess. Strangers literally stopped us on the street telling me how beautiful my dress was and asking, “What’s the occasion?” Little did they know it was just a regular date night for the two of us. Something I have learned over the last year is how great it is being with someone that makes you smile uncontrollably, someone that makes you laugh so effortlessly, someone that loves you unconditionally. I have faced some real battles this last year and Nathaniel has stood by my side through them all. Supporting each other through each of our own personal adventures and truly making our dreams become reality. Our relationship has grown to be something so beautiful and healthy. I miss him like crazy when we’re 3,000 miles apart but I know that no matter the thousands of miles between us, that his heart is full of love for me – as mine is for him.


They say “Laughter is the best medicine” and I have to say, that’s not too far off!! Today I am – feeling great – knock on wood. I’m dropping the scruffy guys off at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and then making the long(ish) trek back home, to my sweet Tennessee💛 I’ll miss these boys like crazy, but they’ll be home soon enough! Keep up with the tail end of their trip at ➡️ ⬅️


All my love, your favorite spoonie

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