Life without lupus?

Yesterday, I had some surprise mail from my sweet boyfriend, Nathaniel. He ordered me a book called The Lupus Recovery Diet by Jill Harrington. The first 100 pages are nothing but testimony from people that have gone about the same diet and experiencing full remission!!! I have tried so many different meds and from experience, they only come back to bite you in the ass *cough cough* See my fake hip! I mean, the medication that I was put on to treat my disease is also slowly killing me. I have been taking steroids for almost three years now and they have royally saved my life and royally screwed my life too. While they make it possible to do things like … walk, turn door knobs, open a bottle … things most people don’t think of losing the ability to do at 23, but sometimes I cannot even perform the most mundane tasks. So, the steroid has got me feeling good again meanwhile eating me alive from the inside. I now wear full-time prescription glasses due to it taking my 20/20 vision away. I have lost just about all of my hair. My titanium hip necessary due to the necrosis caused by steroids. Extreme scarring diagnosed as Cushing’s. Water weight and swelling up to 10lbs differences daily. The list literally goes on, and on, and on. I AM SICK OF IT. So, I am doing something about it.


I am trying this diet.

Eliminate the following: Dairy, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Meat, Oil


An almost exclusively vegan diet

Consuming as much raw food/whole foods as possible. Fresh, uncooked veggies, fruit (minus citrus), cooked green, yellow, and orange vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, no added oils or spices.

I’m intimidated but determined. I will be blogging everyday talking about my meals and how I’m feeling. I want to truly keep up with this diet that people are swearing by. I must say, I really don’t have any kind of hope. I am prepared to be let down ONLY BC this is so foreign to me. I have never had a single doctor suggest that altering my diet COULD CHANGE MY LIFE. I am so sick of being sick – so I’m going to do something about it.

I will be posting nightly with a rundown of my meals and what’s going on with me.! Stay tuned ❤


All my love, your favorite spoonie



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